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This 1 of 1 art piece from MUMBOT is available via silent auction starting Mon, 21 August at 12 PM PT, only on the VeVe web app!

VeVe Artworks

The VeVe Artist Program has been a pillar of the VeVe digital collectibles experience, and this program is bringing both established and up-and-coming artists and licensed collectible Artworks to the VeVe Collector community as extremely limited edition NFTs. More here.

Silent Auction

In a silent auction, you will place a bid on your favorite digital collectible Artwork (in Gems) for whatever you are personally willing to spend on the piece. The value of your bid is hidden from other auction participants, just as you will not be able to see what they have bid, and when the auction timer expires — the highest bidder wins! More Details here.

Note: Participating in VeVe collectible drops — including Artworks — requires mandatory KYC. If you haven’t completed your KYC, it only takes a few minutes to become verified. You can find the details here.

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VeVe Artworks Breakdown

Welcome to our video breakdown series where we give you everything you need to know about digital comics and collectibles that are dropping on VeVe! Historical context, artist background, cover art breakdowns and more. Let us know in the comments what else you want to see in future breakdown videos!

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Next Up: Mumbot's 'Cool, Cute, and Creepy' World of Phygital Art


MUMBOT WORLD was created by the artist, toy designer, storyteller & world builder known as MUMBOT. MUMBOT has created not only a brand, but a whole magical world & lore where original characters: Aughostus the Ghost, Mossy the Moss Spirit, Shumi Mushrumi the Mushroom Spirit, Girl From the Forest Floor, Cryspu the Crystal Spirit, Skully Bones & more characters come to life.

MUMBOT has built the brand from it's early stages--over 15 years ago drawing, painting, making zines, mini comics, hand sewing felt plush, hand sculpting/silicone mold making/resin casting in-house--to producing/manufacturing full collections of soft vinyl toys, sofubi, enamel pins, stickers, apparel and plush. MUMBOT WORLD plush & apparel are available in stores such as Hot Topic, Box Lunch & other fine retailers across the country (see list below). One-of-one and limited edition digital collectibles have also played a huge role in building the brand. MUMBOT has been a speaker at VeeCon as well as other conferences. Operating in Web3 since early 2021, onboarding, building - trying to come up with new ways to create cool stuff & innovate. Founder of global creative community GHOST CLUB.

Currently, the potential is limitless with MUMBOT's original IP. A pilot for an animated series, as well as an indie game - the trailer for which is available to view on YouTube for "MUMBOT WORLD(s)" --are even more examples of what is in development. Excited to share MUMBOT WORLD with the VeVe community!

Friendships flourish as we grow. Floating amongst the clouds, as the sun radiates out, the air is filled with the smell of fresh rain… We grow together, we flourish together, we bloom. Growing at our own pace...some of us faster than others. While some of us speed up, some of us slow down. Our roots grow strong over time, curious new growth sprouts up… delicate, but healthy. We’re in this together and together we are strong.

Featuring cameos of Aughostus™, Girl From the Forest Floor™, Shumi Mushrumi™, Mossy™ & Bigby the Bee™.

Bonus: Purchaser of the 1/1 NFT will also receive the physical artwork. Graphite on paper 9.25" x 6.5"

Auction Dates: Mon, 21 August 12 PM PT — Fri, 25 August 12 PM PT
Editions: 1
Starting Bid: 1,500
Entry Fee: 0
Edition Type: Artist Proof
Rarity: Artist Proof
License: MUMBOT
Available: Globally


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Secondary Market Fees
A standard 2.5% secondary market fee will be added to all sales in the secondary market.

MUMBOT is an artist, storyteller, world-builder, toy designer & founder of MUMBOT WORLD™ brand & global creative community GHOST CLUB. MUMBOT is the Designer Toy Award's "Breakthrough Artist of the Year", published in several publications, has apparel & plush currently available in Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Newbury Comics and other fine retailers and exhibits artwork internationally. Guest speaker at multiple conferences including VeeCon. Operating in web3 since early 2021, motivated by the incredible potential to expand and innovate while simultaneously finding creative and accessible ways to onboard others into the Web3 ecosystem and contributing to pushing the space forward.

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Aug 19, 2023

VeVe Team

Founded in 2018, VeVe was created for collectors by collectors to bring premium licensed digital collectibles to the mass market. With over 8 million NFTs sold, VeVe is the largest carbon neutral digital collectibles platform, and one of the top grossing Entertainment Apps in the Google Play and Apple stores. #CollectorsAtHeart