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Welcome To Our New Home!

Your new destination for drop details, product updates and more.

From our earliest days, VeVe has used the Medium blog to share drop info, feature updates and more. While we love the simplicity and easy readability of Medium, we’ve made the decision to enhance the overall VeVe experience by moving all future articles to the all-new VeVe Blog!

The Medium blog will continue to live on as an archive for the foreseeable future while we work to update and move older articles here to our new home.

New Destination, New Look, Same Great Info

On the new blog, expect to find all the same drop details you’ve grown accustomed to on Medium, but in a style and format more consistent with our brand. We’ll also be increasing our output of informative and useful articles to help guide you through your digital collectible journey, so set a bookmark and stay tuned!

Apr 6, 2023
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