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Update: Interoperability & OMI Utility

A few progress updates on interoperability and OMI Utility for VeVe Digital Collectibles...

Recently the VeVe team has been hard at work rolling out new VeVe app features (crafting, waitlist, etc.). However, we are acutely aware that community members are eager to learn more about the progress being made with two blockchain-specific topics; interoperability and OMI token utility. We understand and acknowledge the disappointment caused by the slower-than-anticipated progress in these areas and want to provide an update...


Moving from GoChain to ImmutableX Layer 2 (L2) on Ethereum in 2021 was a massive endeavor for the team and the first step towards providing forms of interoperability for VeVe NFTs. 

For various reasons, such as the varying needs of stakeholders and changing market dynamics (for example, the changing approach to enforcement of third-party royalties by major marketplaces), it has taken longer than anticipated to find feasible solutions. Providing forms of interoperability for VeVe NFTs continues to be our intent, and we will continue to engage with various partners to evaluate emerging technologies to find workable solutions. 

OMI Utility

As announced previously, we have redesigned our Loyalty Program to reward all VeVe Collectors. This redesign creates synergy between two previously disjointed programs and will introduce token utility for the OMI token within the VeVe digital collectibles ecosystem.

You can read more about where we have started with OMI Utility here ⬅️

Blockchain Team

As part of our commitment to the above two areas, and to bring greater focus and pace in delivering these items, we have onboarded a new blockchain product/engineering team whose sole focus is pushing forward the above initiatives. 

We will continue to release updated information and details as they become available and look forward to sharing them with you!

Jun 13, 2023

VeVe Team

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