Fee Schedule

Last updated: 14 February 2023

Note: We may change, modify or increase the Fees below in accordance with the
Terms of Use. Other details may be updated or changed by us at any time.

Secondary Market Fees

8.5% of the price
James Bond No Time to Die collectibles
DC collectibles commencing with the Series 6 Batman Black and White drop and any drops thereafter
Coca Cola collectibles commencing with the Coca Cola Starlight drop and any drops thereafter  

7% of the price
Patrick Hughes art

2.5% of the price
Other collectibles

Secondary market fees are deducted from the Price received by the User that sold the Collectible.

Gem Payouts

Note: Payouts are currently only available for US users. We are working on bringing back payouts for other users.

Payout provider
Wyre, Inc is providing the payout service to Users. The Wyre, Inc User Agreement  (www.sendwyre.com/legal/user-agreement) applies.

Payout conditions
The acceptance of a payout application is subject to and conditional on the following:
1. the User being an individual;
2. completion of due diligence on the User; the User living in a country eligible for payouts. Countries not eligible are listed on the following webpage as “Non-Operational Countries”. This list may change from time to time. https://support.sendwyre.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055233754-Geographic-Restrictions-3.
3 .the User having over 500 Gems in their App Wallet;
4. the payout transaction is between 100 Gems and 50,000 Gems;
5. the User not being paid out more than 50,000 Gems in any 7 day period;
6. all historical payout applications from the User being completed or cancelled;
7. the User accepting all responsibility for the accuracy of all bank and other information provided;  
8. the User is depositing funds into their personal bank account or their personal crypto wallet (as applicable)
9. agreement to the Wyre, Inc User Agreement;
10. us not disabling payout requests (which we are entitled to do); and
11. other conditions we include in the Terms of Use or on this page.  

Payout Fees: Users will be charged a payout Fee of 10% of the gross withdrawal amount (for example requesting 500 Gems for withdrawal, 10% will be deducted as a payout Fee meaning the user will receive the equivalent of 450 Gems).

In addition the following Fees apply.

For payouts in fiat:
1. For US users; payment will where possible be sent by ACH and a USD$1 ACH transfer fee applies. (Wyre’s Non-Operational ACH US States are not eligible for ACH payments).
2. For US users: if ACH is not possible or for users outside of the US, payout will be by wire transfer and a USD$30 wire transfer fee applies.
3. Payout is now available to all US states.
3. You may also be charged fees by the receiving bank (including foreign exchange conversion fees if you are paying into a non USD account).
4. The above fees may still be charged in the event that payout fails or is reversed (for example, if an invalid account number is provided).

For payouts in crypto:
1. For crypto payouts other than stable coins (eg. ETH or BTC) a conversion fee of .75% applies
2. For stablecoin payouts (eg USDC ), a conversion fee of 0.20% applies
3. You may incur a miner fee for the delivery of the the crypto to your wallet.
4. You may be charged fees by your Exchange/Wallet provider to receive the crypto.
5. Only the ERC20 standard is supported at this time, not BEP20 or TRC20.

There are no guarantees on when you will receive the payout given the nature of the international banking system but it should arrive within 5 business days.

Foreign currency
All payouts  are in USD. You may be charged a foreign currency conversion fee by your bank.