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    Boo's Activated Door


    Upon successful purchase of Boo's Activated Door from Monsters Inc, you can choose to hold it in your collection or, if you hold one or more character collectibles from Disney100 Platinum Moments Pixar Series, you can open the door to redeem one of three Disney100 Pixar Platinum Posters NFT matching your selected Pixar character collectible. For example, you must hold the Woody Platinum Moment collectible if you want to open your door to redeem the Woody Poster NFT. Opened doors will be burned in favor of the poster NFT you choose, but character collectibles will remain in your collection. Door opening is available until 4 August, 2023 at 11:59 PM PT only. More info: https://bit.ly/boos-door © Disney/Pixar


    드롭 날짜07 Jul 23, 03:00pm
    총 에디션 수1986
    남은 에디션
    에디션 타이프First Edition
    희귀도Secret Rare
    목록 가격30