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January 18, 2021

As fans and collectors, we have an intrinsic drive to covet items from our favourite fandoms. From sports teams to cars to action figures and superheroes, we love to collect and be a part of these worlds.

Every now and then, maybe once in a generation, a new schmancy advancement comes along that expands collecting into a new medium — and we are lucky enough to be here and now to witness the rise of digital collectibles.

Digital collecting mirrors what we already do in the physical world of collecting, and VeVe brings the same experience (or the closest to it) in the digital space. Modern problems require modern solutions. As our spaces get smaller, our world goes digital, and are more environmentally aware, digital collecting offers one such solution.

But I love physical collectibles. I know. So do we, and we always will… In the same way that we collect figurines, statues, posters, t-shirts, bags, hats, pens, underwear, stationery, bobbleheads (you get the idea), digital offers a new and exciting collectible medium for us to explore.

Whether it’s collecting your favourite superhero or artist, acquiring rare exclusive editions, or connecting with collectors and fans from around the world, VeVe allows anyone with a (smart) phone or tablet to enter the world of digital collecting.

What Is a Digital Collectible?

Left: DC Harley Quinn Statue. Right: VeVe Digital Collectible Statue

Like a physical statue of Batman, VeVe digital collectibles are limited edition 3D sculptures, viewed through your phone or tablet.

These incredible, limited edition digital collectibles are digitally sculpted by world-renowned artists including Jim Lee, Todd MacFarlane and Scott Snyder and are now available to collect in 3D premium digital format.

Digitally Sculpted? Back in ye ole times, before th’ computator was aroun’, clay was the common medium used by sculptors to bring characters to life. Nowadays, in our digital world, artists sculpt with the same tools but in 3D software, and we see this digital handiwork everywhere in games we play and definitely the latest Michael Bay movie.

As an example, the coveted, long-running, Batman Black and White statue series from DC is now available in premium digital format allowing fans to own limited edition digital sculptures of the physical line.

The Digital Collectible Experience

Digital collectibles offer a collectible experience we are used to, just in a new form. Let’s say you are the lucky owner of a Batman Black & White #100 digital collectible. Just like the physical version, your digital collectible is limited edition, owned by you, can be sold by you, can be photographed in RL (real life), can be interacted with, shared on social, placed in (virtual) showrooms, and more.

Your Collection

At any time you can view your digital collectibles in full 3D viewing, from any angle. You can add objects and upgrades, change backgrounds, place in the real world with AR (augmented reality), take photos, videos, and share on your most ❤ social platform.

Displays and Showrooms

If you are like you us, you dream of collectible showrooms with no boundaries on size or epicness, and we can obtain this unbridled experience with VeVe digital showrooms — spaces in the digital world which you create and customise, place digital collectibles and decorate with a library of accessories to create epic 3D dioramas in the ultimate digital showroom!

Sharing is Caring

Collecting is a lot more fun when we share the experience with our fellow fans and collectors. We do so through social sharing our most prized curios, and where location allows, seeing it in person. In the digital space, however, this experience is taken to the next level letting you explore other collectors showrooms and collections, in full 3D or AR, from your own living room (or wherever you may be), and vice versa. Put some effort into your showrooms and you might even get a like and/or comment ;)

Digital Doesn’t Decay

Play with your digital collectibles an infinite number of times without fear of damage. If you own the physical version, enjoy the digital version and preserve the former in its pristine box in that dark corner of your wardrobe.

Secondary Market

A collectible wouldn’t be a collectible if you were not able to sell it, hopefully for more than you paid for it. Through the VeVe Market, buyers and sellers from around the world can instantly buy, sell or bid on each other’s listings — think of it as e-bay for digital collectibles.

Digital Ownership

So by this point, you might be asking how can I own something that is digital? It would be a reasonable question to ask as a decade ago digital ownership did not exist — a digital file could be copied, sent or deleted without ramification or attachment to an owner.

So what’s the difference now? Blockchain. A digital ledger with an immutable record of ownership of your digital asset (collectible). Blockchain also allows digital ownership to be transferred from one person to another, giving digital objects real-world tangibility.

See VeVe in Action

What Can I Collect in Digital?

Whether you love pop culture, gaming, sports, film and TV, or anime and animation, VeVe offers digital collectibles from your favourite brands including Batman, Adventure Time, Monster Hunter, NFL, DC Collectibles, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, Fast and the Furious, Back to the Future, Ultraman, Superman, and SO MUCH MORE.

VeVe offers fans and collectors three types of digital collectible:

  • Static: like a Batman Black & White statue
  • Animated: think a monster from Monser Hunter doing its death move
  • Interactive: controllable as in drive your DeLorean digital collectible around, in AR, like it was a radio control car.

How to Get Started With VeVe

Ready to get started? You can download the VeVe app on iOS and Android devices now. Simply search ‘VeVe ECOMI’ or hit the link below for more info.

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January 18, 2021
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