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Sesame Street — Oscar the Grouch

Sesame Street is back with another animated digital collectible! Oscar the Grouch drops Sat, 27 May at 8 AM PT.

Sesame Street

With its signature mix of laughter, learning, and iconic characters, Sesame Street has been engaging fans, enriching young minds, and bringing people closer for over five decades. Set in a neighborhood that has modeled diversity and inclusion since day one, families and fans know that, whether you’re a kid, a grown-up, a monster, a grouch, or even an eight-foot-tall canary, you will always belong on Sesame Street.

This series of first-ever Sesame Street digital collectibles invites fans to celebrate the iconic brand and showcase favorite beloved characters in a unique and exciting way.

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Oscar the Grouch — Animated
Sesame Street’s resident Grouch, Oscar despises all things “nice” like rainbows, candy, and chocolate. Being grouchy makes Oscar happy, but being happy makes him grouchy again. He loves loud noises, collecting junk, arguing, rainy days, and other common annoyances.

Drop Date: 27 May 2023, 8 AM PT
List Price: 60.00
Editions: 4,444
Rarity: Rare
Edition Type: First Appearance
First Available Edition for Public Sale: #41
License: Sesame Workshop
Brand: Sesame Street
Series: Oscar the Grouch
Available: Globally

A total of 90 editions will be withheld by VeVe for licensor, promotional, team and comp distribution. There is a max purchase limit of twenty (20) from the Store for this digital collectible.

© Sesame Workshop

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Secondary Market Fees
A 6% licensor fee will be applied to Sesame Workshop sales in the secondary market in addition to the existing VeVe 2.5% secondary market fee.

Sesame Workshop
Generations of children have grown up on Sesame Street, but that’s not the only place you’ll see the trusted Sesame name. As the nonprofit media and education organization behind Sesame Street and so much more, Sesame Workshop brings learning, laughter, and life lessons to kids all over the world. From educational media to live entertainment, classroom learning to award-winning educational apps, you can find Sesame everywhere kids learn and play.

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May 25, 2023

VeVe Team

Founded in 2018, VeVe was created for collectors by collectors to bring premium licensed digital collectibles to the mass market. With over 6 million NFTs sold, VeVe is the largest carbon neutral digital collectibles platform, and one of the top grossing Entertainment Apps in the Google Play and Apple stores. #CollectorsAtHeart