Robocop Series 3


    Your favorite futuristic crime-fighter Robocop is back in action. This cyborg law enforcement force was once Officer Alex Murphy of the Detroit Police Department, but after being killed in the line of duty he was resurrected by scientists of megacorporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) and renamed OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001, more commonly known as Robocop. Fundamental to its operational limits are the Prime Directives, a set of rules, unbreakable and unbendable, that Robocop is bound to uphold: Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law. Holders of S1 Robocop and the Jetpack can craft a flyable Robocop! One craft per S1 Robocop and Jetpack held. Store and Market purchases are eligible. Jetpack will be burned in the crafting process. Crafting is available until Thu, 25 April at 8 AM PT. Unredeemed editions will be burned. ROBOCOP 3 © 1992 Orion Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved.