Marvel Mightys - Symbiote

    Marvel Mightys

    Symbiotes are characterized by their black, gooey appearance and possess a range of abilities, including shape-shifting, enhanced strength, durability, and the ability to generate web-like tendrils. The relationship between symbiotes and their hosts is complex, often involving a blend of cooperation and conflict. While some hosts have formed symbiotic relationships with these creatures, others struggle against their influence. Eligible Mightys to be Venomized can be purchased in the Store or Market. The Symbiote can also be purchased in the Store or Market and can only be used once to craft a Venomized Mighty. In order for a user to craft multiple Venomized Mightys, they will need to acquire multiple Symbiotes. Only the Symbiote will be burned in the crafting process. © 2024 MARVEL