Avatar Banshee Series

    The Avatar Collection

    Through a process called Tsaheylu, the Na'vi of Pandora bond for life with the ferocious-looking ikran, or banshee (as named by the RDA). Once bonded, banshees and their Na'vi partners embark on spectacular aerial adventures - sometimes to hunt, sometimes for the joy of flight. Young Omatikaya warriors seek out their banshee in the rookery high in the Hallelujah Mountains. Atop Mons Veritatis, one of the largest of the floating mountains, the brave Na'vi make pilgrimages to choose – and be chosen by – a banshee. © 20th Century Studios

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    Blind Box

    When you purchase from a Blind Box, you will receive a RANDOM collectible from this series, and you won't know which collectible you get until after payment.