Mike Egan - Boo The Cat

    DesignerCon 2022 Collection

    Mike Egan's works have a folk art quality and are almost exclusively death related. Inspired by artists Jose Guadalupe Posada and Kathe Kollwitz, Egan initially started his art career as a print maker, and his paintings retain the bold graphic quality he started with. After a stint as a funeral director/embalmer, Egan switched to painting while whiling away nights waiting for body pick up calls, infusing his work with a sympathetic sense of the macabre and the delicacy of life, death, and grief. Pulling in his additional interests in pop culture such as vintage Halloween decorations, cartoons, album covers and skateboard graphics, his work has taken on an undeniable and vibrant punk immediacy. Egan currently lives in Ohio and participates in numerous successful art shows, as well as creating various projects and art toys