Pili Fantasy: War of Dragons

    Pili Fantasy

    PILI Fantasy: War of Dragons is a commemorative work presented by PILI International Multimedia to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Su Huan Jen's debut. War of Dragons (1990 Ver.) was an epoch-making fantasy martial-art masterpiece in the Chinese-speaking world. It established “Su Huan Jen" as the quintessential protagonist in PILI's martial-arts universe. The only romance Su—praised as "the Impeccable One"—has ever had in his life also took place in this saga. His 7-day love story with Feng Cai Ling is so heartbreaking that it continues to fascinate countless fans throughout the decades. Even after 30 years, thousands of fans would gather at the couple’s commemorative wedding ceremony to witness and celebrate their timeless love. © 2022 PILI INTERNATIONAL MULTIMEDIA ALL RIGHT RESERVED

    Blind Box

    Lorsque vous achetez dans une Blind Box, vous recevrez un objet de collection RANDOM de ces séries, et vous ne saurez pas quel objet de collection vous avez obtenu tant que le paiement n'est pas effectué.