Numbers and Letters United

    The London Police

    "A Groundbreaking Fusion: TLP's Physical Collection Meets the Web3 Universe" For the first time, TLP is excited to introduce a groundbreaking physical collection that seamlessly blends the Art and Web3 worlds. Secret Rare Exclusive – 'Numbers and Letters United' is at the heart of this launch, offering an exclusive glimpse into the unique characters of The London Police. This piece is not just a symbol of the year's successful fusion of art and digital realms; it also marks our thrilling journey into the phygital domain – where physical artistry meets digital innovation. The item in this exclusive release is a masterpiece of premium quality, hand-printed, and comes signed and numbered. Each piece is accompanied by a digital certificate, ensuring its authenticity and exclusivity. This collection is a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors who cherish both digital and physical art forms.