Nathan Sawaya - Transfiguration S1

    Nathan Sawaya

    “Much of my past artwork has centered on the theme of metamorphosis. Many sculptures often depict figures going through a type of transformation. This has been rooted in the changes I felt and underwent over the years and my emotional growth that I personally experienced, which in turn was reflected in my artwork. Often the change was not extreme, but rather quite gradual. Just like adding one brick at a time to a LEGO sculpture until it formed a final piece, the change in my life developed step by step until it formed something completely different. For this latest series of artwork, Transfiguration, the change is happening digitally. For my first digital series, we see the bricks being not physical LEGO pieces, but rather digital voxels. The title, Transfiguration, refers to the change of form of the work going from physical sculptures to a digital state.” - Nathan Sawaya

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