USPS Stamp Art

    With this new digital stamp art, the U.S. Postal Service celebrates the rich history of bluegrass. Inspired by vintage bluegrass concert posters, the stamp art features four acoustic string instruments typical of bluegrass bands—guitar, five-string banjo, fiddle, and mandolin—below the word “Bluegrass.” Text at the top of the stamp reads “High Lonesome Sound,” the title of a 1963 documentary about Appalachian folk music and a familiar nickname for bluegrass. Art director Antonio Alcalá worked with designer and illustrator Heather Moulder to produce the stamp art. © 2024 United States Postal Service®. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission

    Blind Box

    When you purchase from a Blind Box, you will receive a RANDOM collectible from this series, and you won't know which collectible you get until after payment.