Simone Legno of tokidoki - Dragon Girl image

    Dragon Girl Painting


    The Dragon is a physically powerful creature that expresses nature’s energy, and I express human intelligence and beauty through the delicate and elegant figure of the mysterious girl. The Dragon traditionally symbolizes potent, auspicious powers as well as good luck, and within the composition of this artwork it expresses the positive and protective characteristics it offers to protect humanity. In the landscape of this painting the Dragon represents a positive water creature and is a friend that protects us and maintains our positive relationship with the natural world.The elegant girl is my personal expression of how nature manifests itself in delicate forms like flowers, calm waters, and the breeze, while the majestic power of this legendary creature represents the more powerful forms of nature like waterfalls, oceans or majestic mountains. This artwork will be accompanied with a free digital frame for the winner of the silent auction.


    Auction Closes16 Dec 22, 08:00pm
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